LSL Collection: Practical, stylish, and outdoorsy

LSL Collection: Practical, stylish, and outdoorsy

LSL Collection: Practical, stylish, and outdoorsy


Ladies' Contrast Coolchecker+ Polo LSL Collection

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The Women's Contrast Coolchecker+ Polo LSL Collection is a moisture wicking polo shirt with attractive contrast accents. Moisture wicking' means that the fabric on this shirt will take sweat and bring it up to the surface to evaporate. It also means that the fabric is designed to get rid of any moisture within the fabric itself. The perfect shirt for a hot, sweaty day. The fabric is 100% polyester. Polyester is an easy-to-maintain fabric that is durable, wrinkle resistant, shrink resistant, and fast drying. With a fabric weight of 155 gsm this is a wonderfully light polo shirt. Heavy polos come in at around 200 gsm.

Contrast tipped details on collar, placket, arm cuffs and side vents. Side panels for a fitted shape. Bust and back darts. Three button placket.

Washing Instructions
Domestic wash 40C.

100% Polyester


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